Rest With SkyBus!

Rest With SkyBus!
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Skybus Melbourne tickets

The Skybus Melbourne city bus terminal is located at Southern Cross Station.
Skybus prices are fully inclusive of airport access, road tolls, Australian Goods and Services Tax and hotel shuttle transfers.
You can buy your ticket online and print it yourself or at the Skybus ticket office.
Extra free service - Skybus has mini-buses that transfer you between Melbourne bus terminal and your hotel.

SkyBus Melbourne

SkyBus Melbourne - it`s the cheapest way to get from or to Melbourne Airport. Because there are no trains or trams from Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport to the city only SkyBus and Taxi that is much expensive. So your choice: Expensive Taxi or Cheap SkyBus.
SkyBus Melbourne operates 7 days a week, including public holidays. Buses run every 10 minutes.

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Unsafe Airlines Blacklist

Unsafe Airlines Advances Blacklist.
Blacklist of airlines banned in the European Union. This list was compiled on the basis of national contributions and in-depth analysis. Unsafe Airlines Blacklist consists of 92 companies that face complete ban and 3 companies that face operational restrictions. From now on the principle will apply that companies banned in one Member State are banned in the whole EU.

North Korea:
* Air Koryo

* Air West Company Limited

* Ariana Afghan Airlines

* Mahan Air

* Taag Angola Airlines

* Ukraine Cargo Airways
* Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines
* Volare Aviation Entreprise

* Silverback Cargo Freighters

Democratic Republic of Congo:
* Africa One
* African Air Services Commuter s.p.r.l.
* Aigle Aviation
* Air Beni
* Air Boyoma
* Air Infini
* Air Kasai
* Air Navette
* Air Tropiques s.p.r.l.
* Bel Glob Airlines
* Blue Airlines
* Bravo Air Congo
* Business Aviation s.p.r.l.
* Butembo Airlines
* Cargo Bull Aviation
* Cetraca Aviation Service
* CHC Stellavia
* Comair
* Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation
* Doren Air Congo
* El Sam Airlift
* Espace Aviation Service
* Filair
* Free Airlines
* Galaxy Corporation
* Gomair
* Goma Express
* Great Lake Business Company
* Hewa Bora Airways
* I.T.A.B.—International Trans Air Business
* Katanga Airways
* Kivu Air
* Lac—Lignes Aériennes Congolaises
* Malu Aviation
* Malila Airlift
* Mango Airlines
* Piva Airlines
* Rwakabika “Bushi Express”
* Safari Logistics
* Services Air
* Safe Air Company
* Sun Air Services
* Tembo Air Services
* Thom’s Airways
* TMK Air Commuter
* Tracep
* Trans Air Cargo Services
* Transports Aeriens Congolais (Traco)
* Virunga Air Charter
* Wimbi Diri Airways
* Zaabu International

Equatorial Guinea:
* Cronos Airlines
* Ceiba Intercontinental
* Euroguineana de Aviacion y Transportes
* General Work Aviacion
* Guinea Ecuatorial de Transportes Aereos (GETRA)
* Guinea Airways
* UTAGE—Union de Transport Aereo de Guinea Ecuatorial

* Adam Sky Connection Airlines
* Air Pacific Utama
* Airfast Indonesia
* Asco Nusa Air Transport
* Asi Pudjiastuti
* Aviastar Mandiri
* Balai Kalibrasi Fasitas
* Cardig Air
* Dabi Air Nusantara
* Deraya Air Taxi
* Derazona Air Service
* Dirgantara Air Service
* Eastindo
* Ekspres Transportasi Antar Benua
* Garuda Indonesia
* Gatari Air Service
* Indonesia Air Asia
* Indonesia Air Asia
* Indonesia Air Transport
* Intan Angkasa Air Service
* Kartika Airlines
* Kura-kura Aviation
* Lion Mentari Airlines
* Mandala Airlines
* Manunggal Air Service
* Megantara Airlines
* Merpati Nusantara
* Metro Batavia
* National Utility Helicopter
* Pelita Air Service
* Penerbangan Angkasa Semesta
* Pura Wisata Baruna
* Republic Expres Airlines
* Riau Airlines
* Sampurna Air Nusantara
* Sriwijaya Air
* Trans Wisata Prima Aviation
* Transwisata Prima Aviation
* Travel Expres Airlines
* Travira Utama
* Tri Mg Intra Airlines
* Trigana Air Service
* Wing Abadi Nusantara

Kyrgyz Republic:
* Air Central Asia
* Air Manas
* Asia Alpha Airways
* Avia Traffic Company
* Bistair-Fez Bishkek
* Botir Avia
* Click Airways
* Dames
* Eastok Avia
* Esen Air
* Golden Rule Airlines
* Intal Avia
* Itek Air
* Kyrgyz Trans Avia
* Kyrgyzstan
* Kyrgyzstan Airlines
* Max Avia
* OHS Avia
* S Group Aviation
* Sky Gate International Aviation
* Sky Way Air
* Tenir Airlines
* Trast Aero

Sierra Leone:
* Air Rum, Ltd.
* Bellview Airlines
* Destiny Air Services, Ltd.
* Heavylift Cargo
* Paramount Airlines, Ltd.
* Seven Four Eight Air Services Ltd.
* Orange Air Sierra Leone, Ltd.
* Teebah

* Aero Africa (PTY) Ltd.
* Jet Africa Swaziland
* Royal Swazi National Airways Corporation
* Scan Air Charter, Ltd.
* Swazi Express Airways
* Swaziland Airlink

Skybus Melbourne

Skybus Melbourne - it is the cheap, fast and frequent Skybus service to transport its clients from Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport to your accommodation.
Skybus operates the public transport service, operates vehicles designed for airport transfers on both express Skybus Super Shuttle airport to city route, and city transfer service, Skybus Hotel Shuttle.


Skybus Airlines was a privately-held airline based in Columbus, Ohio, USA. It operated as an ultra-low-cost carrier modeled after the European airline Ryanair, aimed to be the least expensive airline in the United States.
What was to become Skybus was initially founded in the late 1990s by John Weikle and Ken Gile, the former Director of Operations for Southwest Airlines. This early venture went by the name of Heartland Airlines and planned to operate Boeing 717s out of Dayton, Ohio. Working with JP Morgan, the airline almost reached startup, but failed to raise the necessary capital and was eventually abandoned.

More about Skybus Airlines at Wikipedia.